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The traditional economy limited financing options to personal loans or mortgages. Loojum has been one of the pioneer companies in putting technology at the service of the most immediate financing through well-known micro loans or mini loans.


Micro loans meet a double condition

Micro loans meet a double condition

The micro loans are designed so that you can have a small amount of money immediately and acquire the commitment to return it in a period of time that does not go beyond a month.

At Loojum we like to match our micro loans with a payroll advance. Money that comes before you – avoiding giving explanations in the company – and is returned when you receive the payroll or your next income.

The fact that micro loans have such a short repayment term – of only 30 days – and in a single installment, it is difficult for them to be equated with other financing modalities such as traditional personal loans. Issue that leads to the equivalent annual rate -TAE- is not entirely adequate in its application. Instead, you can know at all times how much we will have to pay at expiration and what fees correspond by virtue of the requested amount and the chosen return period.


Request a micro loan

Request a micro loan

As members of the Spanish Association of Micro Loans (Aemip), in Loojum we advocate responsible financing. Therefore, if you are going to request a micro loan, we would like you to take into account the following tips:

  • Think for a moment if you really need the money
  • Adjust the return date to match the date of your next entry
  • The total amount to be returned must not exceed 40% of your monthly income
  • Don’t ask for more money than you really need
  • Read the terms of the contract carefully
  • Return your mini-credit on time to avoid additional expenses

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